Graphic Design

DFZ Artworks provides a great deal of creativity and customization for our customers under the Graphic Design vertical segment. Although a young company, we have already delivered several designs and customized graphics to businesses and clients who were extremely satisfied with our product. Our portfolio items include designs for wine and champagne labels, craft beer labels, hospital billboards, restaurant ad campaigns, NFL team gear, sneakers and articles of clothing.

Although an Atlanta firm, our design services and products are provided all over the U.S. and worldwide; from small breweries in Portland, Maine and Night clubs in Charlotte, North Carolina, to Champagne wine bottlers in France. We deliver elevated customer service, whether it is face to face, over the phone, email or social media. We help our customers get what they are looking for. We do that by actively listening, understanding problems, and offering solutions that exceed expectations. Our creativity often translates to client satisfaction. 

We turn around concepts quickly in order to get the customer's idea ignited. Once that happens, we take that starting point and develop a solution as a team, with our customers, the rest of the way until the final product is delivered, usually with a big smile on their face.

Enjoy our portfolio of designs and examples of work that we have delivered to our clients.


The DFZ Artworks Team

Design portfolio and Examples of our work

1.A Luc Belaire 3 image concept sketches of a custom design champagne bottle

Luc Belaire Custom Art Bottle 1Luc Belaire Custom Art Bottle 2Luc Belaire Custom Art Bottle 3

1.B Luc Belaire Image showing completed bottle with the custom design chosen by client

Luc Belaire Custom Art Bottle Painted Final

1.C Luc Belaire Image Ad to promote the customized Luc Belaire pink Champagne bottle

Luc Belaire Custom Art Bottle Ad

2. Image for a website illustration content for Insurance firm (client confidential)

Graphic Design Website Content for Insurance Firm (client confidential)

3. Picture of sketches "Black Fly Ale" & "Green Head Fly Ale" Labels for Microbrewery

Label Design for New Brewery in Maine, U.S.

 4. A photo-shopped Ad to Promote Basketball in Taiwan

Basketball in China Advertisement

5. Logo option made for Shark week 2017 Campaign organizers (yes, Michael Phelps)

Shark week Logo